I watched the first three episodes of season four of the handmaids tale and …woah. (A little spoiler)

I have been a fan of the handmaids tale for a little over ten years. I actually watched the 1990’s movie first before I read the book in high school, not as assigned reading but as free time. Due to the pandemic, a lot of shows had to put off filming and this included the handmaids tale. But to make up for lost times, The show-runners decided to upload not one, not two, but THREE episodes on the hulu streaming platform. So after I got back from the gym, I made myself a shrimp po’boy with sweet potato  fries and some white wine and sat back to watch the most gut-wrenching show on hulu.

McKenna Grace as Mrs. Keyes:

(Photo credits: Hulu)

So I wanna start off by saying that McKenna Grace, who plays Mrs. Keyes is going places. She made her mark as a serious actress playing Mrs. Keyes.  When I heard she was going to play a wife in this season of The Handmaids Tale, I was a little shocked and a little worried.  I had a icky feeling about having a child actress play a wife. Reason being is that, Mckeena Grace is only 14 years old, meaning that they actually had a child actress play a child bride. Typically on television shows and movies, they often have actors and actresses in their 20s and early 30’s play teenagers on television. On season two of the Handmaids Tale, they had Sydney Sweeney play a 15-year-old econowife to Nick.  Sweeney at the time, was 21 years old. Casting McKenna Grace to play a teen wife, brings realism to the show since child brides do exist in real life.

She hates Gilead and wants to prove to June that she is up for a battle. At first, Mrs. Keyes comes across as hard, although she gave June and the other Handmaids sanctuary, she still reminds June that she is still in charge. She is determined to prove to June that she might be young but she had a lot to handle and is determine to take down Gilead. It’s so weird to see June get disrespected by a 14-year-old but in Gilead We learn that she lives a sad, lonely, miserable life and like most women in Gilead, she is a victim of sexual abuse. Although she is a wife, she didn’t want to be one. She didn’t want to marry a man who could be her grandfather. This child is being robbed of her formative years due to a system that treats woman and girls as property of men. June sees Hannah’s future in Mrs. Keyes and wants to make sure Hannah doesn’t become victim to this life. And as rebellious, as smart, and as determine as she is, Mrs. Keyes is still a child who is scared and isolated yet still needs the guidance of a mother figure that looks for in June. We don’t see Mrs. Keyes after episode 2 because according to nick, she was returned home safely.

Nick betrayal:

If episode 3 of the handmaids tale hasn’t told you about Nick’s true intentions, then you really haven’t been watching. Since season one, I never trusted Nick. A lot of fans fail to realize that Nick also contributed to the making of Gilead. In season 3, it was revealed that he was on the frontlines in the crusades that turned the United States into the totalitarian dystopian society that is Gilead. His alliance is more for Gilead than June and episode 3 proves where his alliance is at. Do I think he loves June? Yes. Do I think he’ll risk his life for June? No. As the season goes on, I believe he’ll become more power-hungry and his love for status and power in Gilead will overcome his love for June and his daughter Nicole.

June being a leader?

The republic of Gilead changes people, and it did change June. Now, if you remember June from the book, she was pretty much happy with her life before Gilead. She had a career working as a book editor, she had a loving husband and a daughter, Hannah. Actually, the book mentions her mother being more of hardcore feminist while June just took feminism for granted. In the last episode of season 3, June realizes in order for change to happen you can’t rely on others and sometimes you must sacrifice yourself for the betterment of others. At the end of episode 3 in season 4, we learn that with change comes sacrifices. We know that June is responsible for many deaths in the handmaids tale, she does feel guilty. She does feel guilty that she ratted out her friends’ location and she does feel guilty that Alma and Brianna have died. However, when it comes to a revolution, people will die for the greater good of others.

After watching all three episodes, I can’t tell you where this season will go. I know June will make it to Canada and testify at the Waterford’s trial. However, I’m still holding on to hope that Hanna makes it out and is safe and sound with Luke and Moira. I hope Janine makes it out and get a glass eye. Although the trailers shown that the Waterford’s might go free, I really hope they don’t. And since today is Wednesday another episode of handmaids tale is on hulu right now, and I can’t wait to see what happens to June.

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