27: A year of change.

The age of 27 is such a weird age. 27 is the start of your late 20’s and while you’re still holding on to your youth, you are in fear of turning 30. yes you will still party but now it’s more toned down in fact you don’t feel the need to party as often…More

Solo travel as a women.

As a young girl, I’ve always had an interest in travel. I remember being glued to the travel channel as kid watching Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown. Just like probably everyone else in this world, I want to experience a different country or even state before I take my last breath. I loved reading stories…More

Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long…

I’m back. I decided to take a mental break from this blog this past summer. Actually, I procrastinated. I want to keep up with this blog. Write more about the handmaids’ tale and give advice to anyone starting college. However, I took a break and tried to live in the moment this summer instead of…More

The Hard Truths about Healing.

            In the past I’ve been hurt, bullied, violated. For this decade we are living in I’m trying to reflect and I’m trying to heal from my traumas to move forward in my life. Throughout this journey of healing I had learn a few things that might help others who are going through the same situation…More


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