“Handmaids walk in two’s” review of Handmaid’s tale Season 4 episode 5 “Chicago”

So we open up this episode with June dreaming about the warm embrace of her husband, Luke. She wakes up to Janine having sex with Steven. In the last episode, Janine brought it upon herself to have sex with Steven in order to stay at this hideout.   June is starting to see how this resistance really works. June she thinks the resistance under Steven’s leadership is a weak one.  June wants to fight wants to kill these  Gilead’s soldiers but Steven is only thinking about survival. On a mission June finds out that they there’s another resistance militant group in Chicago, the NightHawks. June then makes the decision that she no longer wants to be a sitting duck. She wants to fight back. She tells Janine that they must leave tonight but Janine doesn’t want to go. Janine believes she can create a life in the ruins of Chicago, she’s thinking about becoming a mother again. June tries to make her realize that Steven only sees her as a play thing and that you can’t make a life here. However Janine isn’t letting up and June realizes that she must go alone.

Back in Boston, Commander Lawrence is trying to get his seat back at the Commander’s table. However, the other men don’t trust him too well with what happened with the children. He makes a proposal to bring in foreign aid to the soldiers in the resistance areas that includes Chicago.  In another clip, Aunt Lydia is in retirement or in Gilead-ian language “out of commission” she is still respected as an aunt but is no longer in charge of the Handmaids. She still wants to be useful for Gilead. In the evening, Aunt Lydia and Commander Lawrence both form an alliance. Actually, aunt Lydia tried to threaten him about how he worked with June. Yet they still used each other to get back the power they once had. They agree however Aunt Lydia still wants June to be brought back to Gilead in order for her to be punished. Lawerence gives her the okay. Now, Commander Lawrence has always been a confusing character but right now, we aren’t sure if he wants to gain the trust of his fellow commanders to overthrow Gilead or if he is just done with June and just wants his power back.  


Nick, while still claiming he loves June, still trying to find her to make sure she is safe. He gets a message from one of the Martha’s about June’s whereabouts. He tells Commander Lawrence about this. However Commander Lawrence is up to something. In the meeting room, all the commanders have decided to bomb the rebel occupied areas. Commander Lawerence, knowing that June is in Chicago, votes yes and this was actually a test for Nick, I believe. Nick is in charge of the Army and was forced to make the decision to bomb Chicago.


Back in Chicago, June is walking alone trying to find the Nighthawks when she hears someone behind her. Thinking she’s being tracked by guardians, she hides inside a car that has been flipped over. She peaks out and notices that it is a woman, it’s Janine. Janine had left the resistance hideout and told June, “handmaids always walk in twos”. This is symbolic of Janine’s Kindness and her loyalty. She looks up to June and will always have her back no matter what. Once they reach the NightHawks, hideout. She noticed that it’s deserted. They can tell the nighthawks left in a hurry. They look up at the sky and they see bombers. Janine and June run as fast they could they didn’t escape. In the rumble, June is woken up but Janine is nowhere to be found. She calls out Janine and hears a familiar voice, but it is not Janine, it’s Moira.

So. What will happen in the next episode? Will she escape to Canada and abandoned her mission to get Hannah? Will she testify against the waterfords? Will we ever know what happened to Janine? We just have to watch the next episode to find out.                                        


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